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Shipping & Delivery Policy


Currently we serve* the following cities:

"Delhi, Gurgaon, rest of NCR, Chandigarh/ Mohali/Panchkula , Kanpur, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai"

*Please note that since our warehouses/ handling centers are in Delhi and Mumbai, we offer items with very low shelf life – dairy & bread products, fresh produce i.e. fruits & vegetables etc. to only select areas in Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai. Product selection is city/ area specific hence please make sure that you have the right city/area selected.

Kindly watch this space as we plan to increase our coverage quite soon.


To ensure efficient shipping of products we ship the product to you in 2 ways:

- Shipped via AllThingsOrganic.co.in
- Shipped directly from the seller

Kindly note that depending on the product selection the customer may receive multiple order boxes, which very well may arrive at different times. From the time the order is confirmed, typically all orders shall be shipped within 48-72 hours and should reach the customer between 5-7 business days maximum.

To ensure a rich customer experience, we shall inform the customer well in advance about the time frame in which the order will be delivered. In case of no delivery due to negligence of customer, he shall be responsible for the charges in the case of redelivery.

For Delhi and Gurgaon customers, all dairy and fresh produce items shall be delivered on all days from Monday to Saturday. Customers shall select the preferred delivery day at the time of checkout. For all orders received by 2pm a day before the delivery day, they will be fulfilled on the specified** delivery day else shall be carried over to the next delivery day. An email confirmation shall be sent in advance to inform the customer appropriately.

**Please note that all effort shall be made to ensure delivery gets fulfilled on the customer’s preferred delivery day but as we try and get as fresh supply as possible directly from the farms there can be occasional delays in delivery and in rare cases cancellation if the fresh product is not available. At all points in time we will keep you well informed about the order status.

Shipping & COD Charges

For order value below Rs. 450, our standard shipping charge is Rs. 75; All orders with value above Rs. 450 are shipped FREE .

Cash on Delivery (COD) charge on all orders is free, if fulfilled by AllThingsOrganic. For items delivered directly by the supplier, COD would be supplier specific (mentioned on the supplier page/ product page/ cart checkout).

COD as mode of payment will be available starting 1st September'15

Summary table below:

Order Value Via AllThingsOrganic Directly by the supplier
Shipping Charges below Rs. 450 Rs. 75
above Rs. 450 FREE
COD Charges below Rs. 450 FREE Supplier Specific
above Rs. 450 FREE

Contact Information

If you have any questions, kindly contact AllThingsOrganic.co.in at customercare@allthingsorganic.co.in or call +91 8826623367