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Mission & Values


“To spread awareness and enable people to live a TRULY GOOD LIFE - life that goes beyond ordinary luxury to the ultimate luxury of having our bodies nourished by premium organic & natural products, sourced ethically and farmed sustainably.”


  1. Ethics and transparency

    Ethics and transparency are the core pillars of our business and manifest in everything we do. Infact lack of these two values in field of agriculture and food is one of the primary reasons we decided to come in existence. We therefore maintain very high standards of professional ethics right from sourcing to handling to delivery. Fair Trade and value to farmers is core to the sourcing approach.

    Consumer transparency and awareness is equally critical to us so you are never in doubt about ingredients in products, origin of fresh produce, authenticity about claims and certifications. We have implemented very high standards for selecting brands and partners we put on the platform and only allow certified Organic products – taking the guess work out for you.In addition, our farm traceability program FOOTPRINTS for fresh produce is very unique and first in India. It allows you to know the exact farm from which your products come and the pesticide testing reports while simultaneously giving due recognition tofarmers who make sure that you enjoy a healthier and unadulterated lifestyle.

  2. Community Upliftment

    All Things Organic is committed to working with and developing local and under-privileged communities. We believe as a human race and society we are nothing with-out the support of the multiple communities that come together to support and sustain us. It’s therefore our obligation to give back and especially to the remote and under-privilegedcommunities. To the society because our business is nothing without our farmers and well-wishers. As a mark of this commitment we mark aside and give 3% of our profits to the communities. We also employ people willing to learn and work in our team such as the packaging team.

  3. Customer Satisfaction

    We believe any business is only as successful as its customers’ satisfaction. We are a marketplace dedicated to provide you with not just the best products but also the best service. Three things come together to define our customer satisfaction commitment:

    • ALL THINGS ORGANIC: Our name itself captures the biggest commitment of getting you all organics products that are critical for your health and well-being. We are the only platform to offer both fresh produce and choicest selection of brands in other categories
    • ONLY CERTIFIED:We list only certified organic products on the site along with the relevant certifications for you to identify easily

The team lives and breathes our mission and values and you will be sure to notice it all through interactions with us. This is a bunch of people who are energised with the possibilities – possibility of a healthier human race, thriving local communities and healthier environment!