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Farm Traceability Program - FOOTPRINTS

ALL THINGS ORGANIC launches India’s first and unique Farm Traceability Program for fresh produce under our separate fresh produce brand Organic Origins. Under this program, we give our customers the option to be connected with and track the farms and farmers who are providing them with the nourishing goodness in form of food delivered to you. Each of our fruits and vegetables products under the Organic Origins brand come marked with unique QR codes that allow you to find out which farm the produce originated from. This captures all the information of the farmer and farms.


Step 1: Download a free QR code reader app like Quick Scan.
Step 2: Scan the QR code on your product label.
Step 3: Read the details on the farm and farmer where the product was grown.
We share a strong bond with the farming community and hope that by way of this program not only do you get the trust in the produce coming to your doorstep but the farmers get their due recognition as well. We want to achieve that and help our farmers reach out to more and more customers.

Our team works very closely with the farms whose produce we offer. This gives us the unique opportunity to offer you opportunities to attend special farm visits that our team organizes from time to time.  

Click here to fill up the form and get on the list for the next farm visit and like our Facebook page for announcements about these visits.

If you buy organic food, it also encourages the farmers to produce more. Let’s join our hands together and work towards a healthier and natural lifestyle just how nature intended it to be.