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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Related

Do I have to necessarily register to shop on ATO?

You can surf and add products to the cart without registration and proceed to checkout as a guest. It is recommended you register to access all the features of the site.

What is My Account?

My Account is the section you reach after you register/ log in at AllThingsOrganic.co.in. My Account allows you to track your orders, view your order history and update your contact details, manage delivery addresses, manage your shopping list and reset your password. Additionally, you can provide your payment mode details and submit so you don’t need to re-enter every-time. These will be stored on a secure server managed following RBI guidelines by our payment gateway partner Pay U.

How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the "Log In" link at the top right corner of the homepage. Please provide the information in the form that appears. You can review the terms and conditions and accept to register. Additionally, you can provide your payment mode details and submit so you don’t need to re-enter every-time. These will be stored on a secure server managed following RBI guidelines by our payment gateway partner Pay U.

Are there any charges for registration?

No. Registration on AllThingsOrganic.co.in is absolutely free.

Can I have multiple registrations?

Each email address and contact phones number can only be associated with one ATO account.

What are ATO credits & where can I see my credit?

Credit notes reflect the amount of money which you have pending in your ATO account to use against future purchases. You can gain credits from cash back offers and loyalty point accruals. You can see this in “My Account” under ATO credits details.

Order Related

What are delivery slots?

Delivery spots are time slots available for delivery. This is applicable to select areas in New Delhi and Gurgaon where we deliver fresh produce as well. Following are the delivery slots available:

Monday: 12pm-4pm & 4 pm – 8pm

Wednesday: 12pm-4pm & 4pm – 8pm

Friday: 12pm-4pm & 4pm – 8pm

Saturday: 12pm-4pm & 4pm – 8pm

For all other customers:

No delivery slots are maintained but you will be informed and your preference taken by our logistics provider before commencing delivery.

Can I delete/add products after placing an order?

No, you will not be able to make any changes to your order after placing it. However for up to 12 hours after placing the order you can contact customer service and we will try to accommodate your changes if the orders have not been dispatched.

You can also place a fresh order of any additional products you wish to purchase.

How can I check availability of next slot before placing order?

You will see available slots under order booking.

Can I change my order delivery slot after placing the order?

All Things Organic follows a strict delivery capacity per delivery slot. Hence, delivery slot cannot be changed once the order is placed. In case of an urgent requirement of change of slot please contact our customer support team and we will try our best to accommodate your request

How long will my chosen slot be blocked for me?

All Things Organic runs a strict delivery slot system and to make sure smooth running, a delivery slot cannot be blocked for you for more than 30 minutes. This implies that once you start placing the order and have selected the delivery slot, you will be required to complete the order within 30 minutes. You will lose your delivery slot after that time if the order isn’t complete.

Is it possible to order an item which is out of stock ?

No you can only order products which are in stock. However, you can click on the ‘Remind Me’ tab, which will enable us to inform you when the product is back in the stock.

How do I check the current status of my order?

In case of orders that include fresh produce, you will receive a sms reconfirming 12 hrs. before your delivery slot. You can also contact our customer support team.

For outside NCR orders, the customer will be provided with the tracking details within 72 hours of order placed. The customer is free to contact the helpline number for the same anytime between 9 am – 6 pm.

How do I check which items were not available from my order? Will someone inform me about the items unavailable in my order before delivery?

You will receive an email as well as an SMS about unavailable items before the delivery of your order.

Why did I not get delivery of a product I ordered even though it was in stock when I ordered?

We always try to curate and deliver the products in the best possible condition to our dear customers. It is our endeavor to make sure your delivery is 100% complete. Therefore we maintain the stocks on our site in such a manner that such a situation does not arise.

Now, it may happen that our personal shopper may see that one of the products you have ordered is not fresh enough or in the right condition. The shelf life may not enough for the use of the product. In such situations, the personal shopper may choose to not delivery the particular product. We understand that we might disappoint you by not delivering a certain product but we consider it better than delivering a poor quality product.

Why do I no longer see the products that used to be in your catalog?

We maintain and revise our catalog quite regularly to make sure that you get the best and new products and we take out those that have been discontinued by the manufacturers or suppliers. This way they are removed permanently. Sometimes they are also temporarily removed if there issues from the supplier’s/vendor’s end and we cannot pin point as to when they can provide the certain product. However as soon as the supplies are restored, we list the product in our catalog.

How do I suggest products that I would like to see in your catalog?

If you think there are products that we should have in our catalog, write to us at customercare@allthingsorganic.co.in with the details of the products.


What are the modes of payment?

You can pay for your order on ATO using Credit and Debit card (VISA / MasterCard / American Express).

We currently do not offer COD facility. It will be available for select areas in September.

Are there any other charges or taxes in addition to the price shown? Is VAT added to the invoice?

The VAT is included in the MRP of products. There are no additional taxes added by ATO to your order. The prices you see on our product pages are the prices you pay.

Is it safe to use my credit/ debit card on ATO?

Yes it is absolutely safe to use your card on ATO. A recent directive from RBI makes it mandatory to have an additional authentication pass code verified by VISA (VBV) or MSC (Master Secure Code) which has to be entered by online shoppers while paying online using visa or master credit card. It means extra security for customers, thus making online shopping safer.

If I pay by debit card/ credit card how do I get the amount back for items not delivered/accepted?

If the order is not completed for any unforeseen reason or if you cancel part order at time of delivery, ATO will refund the money and it will be reflected in your bank account in typically 5-7 business days.

Delivery Related

Do you deliver in my area?

We currently delivery to a certain number of PIN Codes all over India. It should be noted that fresh produce is only available in select areas of Delhi and Gurgaon while other products can be accessed by customers across India.

Which PIN Codes does your delivery area cover?

We ask you your location when you enter the site so as to make sure we delivery to your location or not. We give the option to Delhi and Gurgaon customers to check if their PIN Code is available for delivery for fresh produce or not. Rest of India customers will receive their products covered by our logistics partners and PIN Codes covered by them.

When will I receive my order?

For fresh produce orders, once you are done selecting your products and click on checkout you will be prompted to select delivery slot. Your order will be delivered to you on the day and slot selected by you. If we are unable to deliver the order during the specified time duration (this sometimes happens due to unforeseen situations) we will credit 10% of your order value to your ATO credits. Once dispatched, you will be informed by the ATO team through SMS.

For all other orders you will be indicated average number of days of expected delivery. You will also be kept informed about the dispatch status and provided with tracking number typically with-in 36-72 hrs.

How do I change the delivery address to which I want products delivered?

You can add/edit your delivery address by logging into ‘My Account’. The PIN Code must be covered in our serviceable area for delivery.

Once the order is placed however no changes can be done. For Delhi/NCR customers you can reach out to customer service and we will try to accommodate your request as best possible.

How are the fruits and vegetables packaged?

We procure our supplies from ‘Organic Origins’. They pack the products in the most hygienic and clean conditions to ensure that the items are fresh and retain their quality. ‘Organic Origins’ uses high quality packaging material to ensure no harm is caused chemically and the products are safe from any kind of mechanical damage.

How are the fruits and vegetables weighed?

Every fruit and vegetable varies a little in size and weight. While you shop we show an estimated weight and price for everything priced by kilogram. At the time of delivery we weigh each item to determine final price. This could vary by 5 %(+/-) at maximum. Therefore if you have shopped for something that costs Rs. 100 per kg, and we delivery 1.05 kg of the product to you (eg cabbage, pineapple), you will still be charged for the Kg. Similarly, occasionally weight will slightly lesser than what you ordered.

How much are the shipping charges?

Delivery is free for orders above Rs. 450. For any orders below that we charge Rs.75 as a delivery fee.

Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?

In case of a delay, our team will keep you updated about your delivery. Also, your ATO credits will be credited worth 10% of the order value, which can be used on subsequent orders.

What is the minimum order for delivery?

There is no minimum order for delivery.

Do you do same day delivery?

No, currently we do not do same day deliveries. However, we will be moving to that mode soon for select pin codes.

Return and Refund related

You can find our Return and Refund Policy here.

Customer Related

What is the customer care helpline number?

Our customer service team can be reached via chat box on website or via phone at +918826623367 or via email customerecare@allthingsorganic.co.in.

At what time should we contact the helpline number?

Our customer service team is available throughout the week, all seven days from 9 am to 6 pm.

How can I give feedback on the quality of customer service?

If you have any feedback or complaints about our website, delivery operations, and product range, availability, quality; or suggestions for improvements; email us at: customercare@allthingsorganic.co.in or call us at +918826623367

How do I raise a claim with customer service for any of the Guarantees - Delivery Guarantee, Quality Guarantee?

Please contact our customer support team with details or your order as well as the issue you faced and we assure you that the customer staff will take action in the best interest of the customer.


Do you have offline presence?

No we are a purely internet based company as of now.

Where can I find currently running offers/ promotions ?

You will be informed of various offers and discounts if you register with us. Plus they also can be found under the offers/promotion tab.

I am a corporate/ business or I want to place a bulk order. Can I place orders with allthingsorganic.co.in?

Yes. Please call the customer service team on +918826623367 or write to us at: customercare@allthingsorganic.co.in . We will understand your requirement and give you our best possible offer and service.